Internet Safety



Imagine you walk up behind your little brother and he is playing a game on the internet. The game looks pretty fun but you notice that he is talking to people in a chat room while playing the game. You ask him who he talking to and he just shrugs his shoulders. You know that you should never talk to strangers or give people you don't know information about you or your family. You know you need to do something, but your not sure what to do.
You will begin your journey by learning about some of the safety problems internet users face. It is important for people to know what is out there on the internet that could potentially be a problem. After identifying the problem, you are going to uncover some rules that will help internet users be more safe on the internet. After you learn about internet safety, you are going to create a power point presentation to share with your brother and other younger kids to teach them how to work safely on the internet.

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