Internet Safety & Awareness Comic Book Creation in ToonDoo



You will create an original Internet Safety & Awareness Comic book, using ToonDoo.com, about one specific Internet Safety Topic.   ToonDoo allows for anyone to create their own original comic books with a basic FREE account.  The topics for your Comic Book Story are Cyberbullying,  Identity Theft, and Sexting. 

To create the most effective comic book story for your community, you will:

  1. Research All 3 Internet Safety Topics (Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Identity Theft).
  2. Choose one of the topics you researched to create an original comic book story about.
  3. Write a rough draft StoryBoard to be evaluated by a classmate or class instructor.
  4. Review, Revise and Edit your StoryBoard so you are ready to create your Comic.
  5. Begin creating your Comic Book in ToonDoo.com

You will focus on 1 Specific Aspect of Internet Safety and create the comic book for it.  First, you must complete a Storyboard, or a rough draft of your story and what is going to happen.  You will find a copy of the Story Board Guide in the PROCESS of this WebQuest.  After your instructor has checked your Storyboard and offered suggestions, you can begin creating your comic book. 

The Basic Comic Book Requirements are listed below:

  1. Your comic must have YOU as one of the characters.
  2. Your comic must have a story that is easy to follow.
  3. Your comic must have a "problem & solution."
  4. Your comic should be age appropriate (appropriate for Middle School students and younger).
  5. You must have the definition of your topic in your story.
  6. You must mention at least 2 ways to get help or stop your topic from happening.
  7. You must mention at least 2 ways to prevent your topic from ever happening again.
  8. Your Comic should be at least 6 Frames Long, but can be longer!

3 Seperate Examples, one for each topic (Cyberbullying, Identity Theft, and Sexting), are posted below to help guide your comic book creation

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