Cell Phone: Is it a necessity at school?



Your task is to work in a group of three to conduct a research on the pros and cons of using cell phones in the classroom.  From your list of pros and cons, your group has to discuss and come up with a stand based on three argumentative points as to whether your group agrees that cell phones should be allowed in the classroom. For each argumentative point, there must be adequate exemplification and justification to take that stand. Then, create a poster (use mahjong paper)  to present your arguments.

Next, choose a role from the list given to conduct a research and write your opinion in about 350 words.Your other two members will have to write theirs according to the roles they have chosen. Then,your group has to select a newsletter template from the resources given to write all the three articles on it. After completing the newsletter, send it to your teacher for assessment and feedback. You can even send it to your friends via email for comments too. 

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