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Loreto Martínez Troncoso at the MARCO (Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo): HAY ALGO QUE ME AFECTA Y NECESITO REACCIONAR. (Proyección luminosa)

What is it that has an effect on you? Think about it and React, Respond, and show your Reaction.

In this bilingual art workshop, students will be able to understand the basic principles of Contemporary art through designing and making an artwork that uses English words as an artistic tool for their creations. The focus of the workshop is on helping learners to develop their sense of communication in a second language. Through a collaborative work, students will have to design an art product which shows that pupils apply artistic processes and creative skills. It would be of great help for them to deal with several art techniques at a good level of competence in order to show expression, creativity or social commitment.

What do students have to do? In groups, students have to work out an art intervention in a public or urban space. In order to do this, they must use English (words or phrases) as a mean of expression, and the primary purpose is to create an artwork with a message.

Note: Please read the text enclosed as a jpg “The definition of art intervention” at the bottom of this page.

task at hand, "Artistic interventions in urban space" is active and participatory. It starts from the observation and analysis of the work of the selected artists and continues with a route through the websites, files and videos provided in this webquest. For the research part, they will use the links provided and any other website they find helpful in their quest for originality. In addition, suitable materials like whiteboard, fine arts products and technology tools will be available for the learners, as well as a free access to the library and use of the computer room with Internet connection.


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