Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!! We be findin' treasure!!!!!



Argggghhhhhhh!!!!  There be pirates about and they left a few things hidden while they were snooping around the school!  After hearing the screeching sound of the gym teacher's whistle, they went a running back to their ship located on the banks of the coastal shore.  As they were bustling to gather as many valuable things as possible from around the school, they had bumped into one another and left a few papers lying on the ground.  After a careful look, I noticed that these papers had a special code!  They looked like the same type of code you put into a GPS!  Maybe the pirates were Geocaching!  To learn more about Geocaching click here! or watch the video below.

Like Geocaching, we will use the GPS to find the objects the pirates have hidden!  After you have found the hidden objects there will be a secret code to lead us to their hidden treasure!  Once you have found the secret codes, click on the Process Tab to find the hidden treasure. If you want to find out how to get a GREAT grade, click on the Evaluation Tab.

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