Australian Folklore - Ned Kelly, Bunyips, Dreamtime and Ghost stories.



Task 1: Take a 20 minute tour of the resources on this web-quest. Choose your favorite Australian folklore story and describe it in a paragraph. Write another paragraph about why you like it and how you think the story relates to Australian culture.
Task 2: Using the resources on this web-quest find a story about each of the following subjects and briefly describe it, (use illustrations as well):
An Aboriginal Dream-time story.
An Anzac story.
An Australian sporting story.
An Australian bush-ranger story.
An Australian ghost story.
An Australian folklore story that doesn't fit into one of the above categories.
Task 3: Choosing one of the stories you picked in Task 2 - publish a project about it. Your published text can be in any form - A Word document, a poster, a Powerpoint display, a poem, a diorama etc.
Task 4: Form groups of 3 or 4 students and pick a subject from one of the subjects from task 2. Write a short 2 minute play with each student playing a part in the story. The play will be performed during the next lesson.
Task 5: Each group will perform their play and discuss how their story fits into Australia's culture as a whole.

Extra Task:
If you finish your task work early, or you choose to visit this web-quest from home or during free time, you can play hangman using words connected with this web-quest and Australian folklore.

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