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In this project you will decide what steps are essential to maintain or improve upon each category (health, fitness, and wellness).  You will follow the designated resources that I have provided for you in this process of decision making.  Be sure to keep your results realistic.  Remember you are not trying to create a full blown body builder or professional athlete.  You are simply going to decide what steps you believe are most essential to each category.

At the end of the project you will see that it takes a combination of things to live a healthy, fit, and well lifestyle.  You will then try to follow your own steps to a better lifestyle for two weeks.  Throughout the two weeks you will keep a journal of what you have been doing to improve health, fitness, and wellness.  Some of these things you may have previously done and will continue to do, others you will (at least you should) adopt from your new found knowledge.  At the very end of the journal you will reflect on how you feel when the two weeks are over as opposed to when you first started the two weeks.

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