The Life and Times of William Shakespeare!

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Reviewed On: February 20, 2013
Review: Nice setup and details. Also, I really like the overload in informative writing. I am making a webquest as well, and as a freshman in high school I have my hands full.

Reviewed On: January 17, 2014
Review: Where is the Quest? What I mean is... how am I going to take the WebQuest?

Reviewed On: April 19, 2014
Review: Great -Thanks for posting

Reviewed On: June 2, 2017
Review: great extensive webquest to preface any Shakespeare unit/lesson. I actually used this with my 7th grade advanced class and they really enjoyed it. The only downside is that some of the links no longer work.

Reviewed On: November 8, 2017
Review: 10/10 IGN

Reviewed On: January 31, 2018
Review: I used it in class and my students were completely disengaged. A complete waste of time.

Reviewed On: April 14, 2018
Review: I'm actually a World Languages' teacher but a Shakespeare has always been a favorite of mine. I also wanted to encourage the author because a reviewer called it "a complete waste of time" who should, in my opinion, never have left such a comment. This was offered to assist not "teach" or "babysit" a class. I enjoyed it.

Reviewed On: June 12, 2018
Review: v cxv c c c c c c c c c c

Reviewed On: August 7, 2018
Review: Hello. On the brilliant Shakespeare there is a huge amount of materials. And many even learn to write their explanatory essay example and other college papers, studying his works. But there are also little-known biogafic facts about him: Shakespeare's plays gave rise to many current terms. English literature of that time widely popularized various terms and phrases, influenced the formation of modern language. So, in everyday speech, the terms behind the authorship of Shakespeare are still used: "fashionable", "holy", "eyeball", "dull". The poet in his works gave rise to the use of expressions: "predetermined", "in deplorable", "in one fell swoop." The name and surname of the poet survived several dozen spellings. Under his own works Shakespeare never signed his full name. Up to us we have reached about 80 signatures containing variations of the surname or abbreviation. The poet wore a gold earring in his ear. It is known that Shakespeare wrote self-portraits. On one of the most famous canvases he is depicted with a beard, bald head, a weakened collar of a shirt and an earring in his left ear. At that time wearing an earring in the ear for men meant to be involved in bohemia. It is believed that the pirates could become the inspirers of the fashion image.

Reviewed On: August 17, 2018
Review: ...

Reviewed On: November 15, 2018
Review: nice post

Reviewed On: December 7, 2018
Review: Thank you for this webquest. It`s really help me to improve my knowledge.

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