Are you rock 'n' roll?

Answer the following questions to see how much of a "rockanrolla" you are. 0-3: Oh Dear. Heaven knows I'm miserable now. 4-7: Not bad, but you still haven't found what I'm looking for. 8-10: Congratulations! It's only rock 'n' roll but I like it!

Question #1

"Substitute" is a song by...

Question #2

"Let it be" is a song by...

Question #3

Which of the following albums was NOT written by The Beatles?

Question #4

What's the name of the club where The Beatles first became well-known?

Question #5

Who is the drummer in The Rolling Stones?

Question #6

Which band did Joy Division become when Ian Curtis died?

Question #7

Who was the lead singer of The Smiths?

Question #8

The soundtrack of the film "Quadrophenia" was written by...

Question #9

Which of the following albums is by The Cure?

Question #10

Where were Joy Division from?

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