Infectious Disease Exploration

What Do You Know About Diseases?

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Question #1

What disease is this? Caused by Entameba histolytica, the symptoms of this ailment are concentrated in the lower digestive tract. Catching this, you would experience severe abdominal cramps, extreme bloody diarrhea and crippling dehydration.

Question #2

This is a common inhabitant of the human digestive tract, but certain strains have been found that can cause disease. Because it is found in feces, this is one of the main indicators of contamination of food, since food should not contain any!

Question #3

This is one of the main routes of transmission of infectious respiratory diseases:

Question #4

What is the correct order - sorting them from largest to smallest?

Question #5

You think you have caught a virus like the flu, since you are feeling crummy, have a cough, you are achy and just want to get better. What is the basic treatment for a viral infection like this?

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