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Question #1

Research on the placebo phenomenon indicates that:

Question #2

Psychological distress in medical patients can be attributed to

Question #3

Micozzi defines stress as "the unconscious response to demand." By this he means that

Question #4

CAM therapies offer a way to learn to think, behave, and feel differently

Question #5

The physical effects of stress can be reversed by eliciting the "relaxation response". Techniques like meditation and yoga, as well as others that provoke the relaxation response have what four elements in common?

Question #6

Everyone agrees yoga is a spiritual practice and requires a knowledge of religion to be performed properly.

Question #7

Chronic disease is increasing in our population and is draining healthcare resources at an alarming rate. CAM therapies like yoga and meditation are

Question #8

Transcendental meditation (TM) is

Question #9

Mindfulness meditation, rooted in the Buddhist tradition requires one to

Question #10

The goal of Reiki, one of several energy therapies, is to "purposefully use the energetic interaction between practitioner and patient to restore harmony to the patient's energy system." (Micozzi, 2015 p. 203)

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