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Pre-Post Quiz

A teacher, leader or facilitator might want to provide this quiz to determine whether the program is appropriate for their age group, (in or out of school kids) clubs or scout troops. Following implementation of the program, this same quiz would provide them feedback to determine the extent of their success in teaching/learning.

Question #1

A dairy cow must have a calf before she is able to give milk.

Question #2

Meat from Hogs is:

Question #3

Dairy cows are primarily used to provde

Question #4

A beef cow like an Angus or Hereford is primarily used for milk not meat.

Question #5

Why can cattle eat grass and hay and people can't?

Question #6

Flour is produced for pizza

Question #7

Plants including corn and soybeans remove harmful carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen.

Question #8

Agriculture is a business of managing plants and animals for human and animal food and feed.

Question #9

Select the most correct statement:

Question #10

What farm animal would produce ingredients for sausage pizza?

Question #11

Trace cheese from soil to pizza.

Question #12

How could you determine what would be the best selling pizza for the future?

Question #13

Which soil is the most important to protect for growing pizza ingredients?

Question #14

What is the most important reason a logo would be important to your pizzeria?

Question #15

One would be able to create a new pizza best by:

Question #16

What is the best answer in tracing tomato sauce from your pizza to the soil?

Question #17

In marketing your pizzeria, how important is communications in selling your pizza?

Question #18

Earthworms and other microorganisms are:

Question #19

In creating your team's "prize pizza," a best seller in the future, one should consider:

Question #20

The creation of pizza ingredients begin:

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