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Valid and Invalid Websites fourth Grade

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Quiz Quiz
Valid and Invalid website
Quiz Description: Answer the following multiple choice questions.
1: What does the suffix .net stand for?
a) government
b) net
c) network
d) education

2: What does the suffix .com stand for?
a) comedy
b) government
c) charity
d) commerical

3: What does the following suffix .mil stand for?
a) militia
b) main
c) military
d) government

4: When is the date a website was revised not important?
a) when the info is less than five years old
b) when the info is more than five years old
c) when the info is more than 10 years old
d) when the info are historical facts

5: Typically, information on a website should not be more than how many years old?
a) 6 years
b) 10 years
c) 4 years
d) 7 years
e) 5 years

6: What does copyright mean?
a) means you can't copy stuff
b) means anyone can change someone's work
c) means that the creator of the work owns it
d) None of the above

7: What are Fair User Laws?
a) laws that let students use certain info from the Internet freely
b) laws that say you can't copy
c) laws that tell students how to use info on the Internet

8: A vaild website is
a) a reliable, good site
b) an unreliable site
c) a site that can be trusted
d) both a and c
e) both b and a

9: What does it mean to cite your source?
a) give the author credit for someone else's work
b) giving the author credit for their work
c) the author gives you permission to use their work
d) None of the above

10: Authors of valid websites have to be what?
a) people who know something about the subject
b) people who know a little about each subject
c) people who are experts on the subject

11: What are credentials?
a) When you give an author credit for their work
b) the items that make a person an expert on the subject
c) when the author gets an award
d) when the author writes something

12: All of the following are examples of credentials EXCEPT:
a) diplomas
b) degrees
c) awards
d) college attended
e) opinions written

13: Webpages with broken links are probably
a) not valid
b) valid
c) it doesn't matter

14: Well designed webpages should have all the following EXCEPT
a) must be organized
b) must be neat
c) must have ways to contact the author
d) must have broken links

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