How well do you know copyright?

A quick review of copyright.

Question #1

Ideas can be copyrighted

Question #2

Copyright is intended to prevent anyone else from ever using the material

Question #3

The minute I finish creating something, I own the copyright to it even if I did not apply for a copyright

Question #4

The current copyright law protects material for 70 years after the authors death or for 120 years

Question #5

I can use anything I find on the internet. Anything on the internet is in the public domain.

Question #6

I can use certain parts and certain amounts of someone else's work under Fair Use. But I must obey the Fair Use guidelines.

Question #7

Facts are copyrighted

Question #8

Only written or printed work is copyrighted.

Question #9

The issue of copyright is address in the US Constitution.

Question #10

Techniques can be Copyrighted?

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