Researching Stocks for Investing

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Question #1

What is a dividend?

Question #2

What is the single most important measure of stock risk or volatility?

Question #3

Which is an accurate representation of the Beta Rule of Thumb?

Question #4

An investor looking for growth in a company would want a _____ P/E ratio where an investor interested in receiving dividends would want a _____ P/E ratio.

Question #5

You have decided to purchase 25 shares of Bright Idea Energies and the cost per share is $45. What is the amount of your initial investment?

Question #6

Before you can think about buying stocks, you should make some basic decisions about:

Question #7

What are the three stock market indices used to track market trends?

Question #8

What are the differences between common stock and preferred stock?

Question #9

Bright Idea Energies is a utility company and the stock is very low risk. What type of stock would this be classified as?

Question #10

What is IPO and why is it significant?

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