Scottsboro Trial

To complete this quiz please read the Scottsborro Trial information then answer the questions to the best of your ability!!!! GOOD LUCK

Question #1

Where does Ruby Bates live? And which part of town is this located?

Question #2

What did people at the trial say abbout Ruby Bates? And why?

Question #3

Who is A.E Hawkins? And what did he have to do with the Scottsboro trial?

Question #4

Why did the society neglect the Scottsboro boys?

Question #5

What are the names of the boys accused in the Scottsboro trial?

Question #6

What are the names of the accusers and on what date was the accusation made?

Question #7

Which one of the girls denies she was raped in a letter? And who was the letter to?

Question #8

How many years did the trial go for?

Question #9

Which one of the nine boys escapes prison in 1948

Question #10

In what year did Victoria Price die?

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