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Kathy Groves Kathy Groves
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Location: Unknown United States United States
Member since: September 27, 2007
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My WebQuests
Title: ¡Celebramos la navidad en Mexico! (Let’s Celebrate Christmas in Mexico!)
URL: www.zunal.com/webquest.php?w=432
Description: This project will help students to refine their knowledge of cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking countries during the month of December through January 6. They will compare and contrast Hispanic culture and practices with Tulsa culture and practices during this specified time of year.
Keywords: Christmas in Mexico, Las Posadas, La Noche de los Rabanos, Night of the Radishes, La Virgen de Guadalupe, The Virgin of Guadalupe, Dia de los Reyes, La Noche Buena, Poinsettia, Christmas Eve in Mexico, Reyes Magos, El Nacimiento
Published: Yes | Featured: Yes
Author(s): Kathy Groves

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