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Ruth Dewey Ruth Dewey
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Location: Unknown United States United States
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Title: Is Central Park really a "park for the people?"
URL: www.zunal.com/webquest.php?w=181757
Description: Students will explore the history of Central Park from its original vision of green spaces for all to it's status as a world class tourist attraction.The students will research the controversies involved in the original planning and construction and see if the park has lived up to its vision as "a park for the people". Then using what they learned, the students will be asked to compose a letter to the editor of the NY Times contesting the city's plan to limit the parks usage to only those people who can afford to pay a yearly fee.
Keywords: Central Park history,NYC history,William Cullen Bryant,Frederick Olmstead,Calvert Vaux,Central Park Zoo,Metropolitan Museum of Art,Museum of Natural History,The Great Lawn,William Cullen Bryant,Central Park Conservancy
Published: Yes | Featured: Yes
Author(s): Ruth Dewey

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