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Loriel Maloy Loriel Maloy
Not Provided at Not Provided.
Location: Unknown United States United States
Member since: October 4, 2011
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My WebQuests
Title: It's Electric!
URL: www.zunal.com/webquest.php?w=151774
Description: This WebQuest will guide you through the magical wold of electrical circuits. You will embark on an investigation of circuits, insulators, conductors, and switches. Prepare to be electrified by the electrical knowledge!
Keywords: Electricity, Insulators, Conductors, Switches, Circuits.
Published: Yes | Featured: Yes
Author(s): Loriel Maloy

Title: Discover the Aztec Marketplace
URL: www.zunal.com/webquest.php?w=119620
Description: Travel back in time to live as the Ancient Aztec people did. Learn about the Aztec way of life. Visit the Tenochtitlan market place to sell and trade your product.
Keywords: Ancient Civilizations, Aztec, Mesoamerica, History, Social Studies, Trade, Tenochtitlan.
Published: Yes | Featured: Yes
Author(s): Loriel Maloy

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