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Discovering the Harlem Renaissance

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1.     You've been assigned to a team of four students.

2.     Your team must now assign members to specific roles.  Your team must have at least one Politician, one Talent Agent, and one Historian.

3.     Because you have four members on your team and only three roles are available, two members will have to perform the same role.  However, those two members may not investigate the same person or issue.  (For example: Two Historians may NOT both investigate Jim Crow Laws)

4.     When you have chosen your role, you will begin to work through your Role Sheet (Attached Below).  The Role Sheet will provide you with a more detailed explanation of what your role requires as well as the useful websites that you will look through to find the necessary information.  You MUST have your Discovery Sheet in hand as you work through the Role Sheet.  It will help focus you into searching for the relevant information.  It's time to begin your quest, so Click the Role Sheet for the role you chose and have fun exploring the Harlem Renaissance.

Note: If you stumble upon another intersting person/issue that is related to your role in discovering the Harlem Renaissance, you may ask your instructor for permission to pursue that topic.  Also, if you encounter any words you are unfamiliar with, there is a link below that will take you to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary.  Simply follow that link and type in the unfamiliar word.

 Merriam Webster Online Dictionary Link:  http://merriam-webster.com/


Politician's Role Sheet
Talent Agent's Role Sheet
Historian's Role Sheet
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