Muscular System



The muscles we have in our body are divided into three classes cardiac, smooth and skeletal.  Usually when we think of muscle system we often only remember the skeletal muscles because they make up what is recognized as the muscular system.  The muscular system is composed of over 600 muscles, comes in variety shapes and forms.  Differences between each muscle are  recognized by location, function, structure and the way they are contracted.

Click on the links below to get information on the muscular system and complete the task given.

Task 1

Identify and explain the functions of the muscular system

Task 2

Draw and label the diagram of the muscular system by using scientific names to label the diagram

Task 3

Identify the different types of muscles and state there functions

Task 4

List 5 gravity assisting muscles and state what they are used for

Task 5

List 6 gravity resisting muscles and state what they are used for

Task 6

Name the three categories that the muscular system is divided into and give examples

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