"The Necklace"



You will each complete the research and journal entries on your own.  Here you will find steps and links that will help you complete the assignment.



    Step One:  You will begin by using the Internet to research the lives of French citizens in 1880.  Make sure you look for and pay close attention to the cultural differences that existed between the two main social classes. You will then complete a search using the internet to discover life of present day Paris, France.  Continue to keep a close eye on differences in social classes.  Remember to use the questions found within the process page to guide your search. Below you will find several websites that can help you.



    Step Two:  Now that you have gathered the cultural, historical, and social information on 1880's and present day Paris, France, it is your turn to experience the life.  Your first journal entry will use the information you've gathered on a rich citizen.  You will explain what it is like to live the life of a wealthy aristocrat.  Explain their everyday experiences, the type of job they keep, the house they live in, their social activities, etc.  It should be written in the first person.  Make sure to give the entry personality, feeling and emotion.



    Step Three:  You are also responsible for a second journal entry exploring a day in the life of a poor citizen.  You will explain a working class citizen's daily struggles, home life, and work experience. Make sure you remember to write each entry as if YOU are telling the story about your life. 



    Step Four:  The third journal entry will consist of a comparison between the aspects of culture you found within 1880's and present day Paris, France.  Make connections between the two time periods.  Compare similarities and differences that you have explored.  Still comment on the workstyles, home life, and social aspects of present day French citizens.  This journal entry should not be written from a narrative standpoint.  It can be in the format of a research entry or a bulleted list.



    Step Five:  Within the fourth entry you will be required to observe your own classmates.  What differences do you see between groups of students.  Are there differences in style, personality and status? Do people feel the pressure to wear certain styles, and act in specific ways to fit in? This entry will also be completed in the first person.





http://www.discoverfrance.net/France/Paris/index.shtml (general information on Paris)


http://www.marxists.org/history/france/index.htm (revolutionary France)


http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/articles/holidays/bastilleday.htm (Bastille Day)


http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/3842.htm (French Culture)


http://www.infoplease.com/ (wonderful site to search for needed information)


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