Knowing different people and their culture



The following are the steps you need to follow in order to successfully complete your Web quest assignment:

1.       Each student will decide which person and culture they are going to research:

-          Addis Abbaba (Ethiopia)

-          Makati (Philippines)

-          Adelaide (Australia)

-          Freiburg (Germany).

Using the resources will help all of you to achieve the task. 

2.       Begin research in your selected area.

There is a graphic organizer provided to assist you with your research. KWL Graphic Organizer .

For the graphic organizer, fill in what you already know about your topic, what you want to know about your topic, and what you learned after researching your topic.

3.       Compose a written summary describing the context of the person you have selected (2 pages).

Follow these guidelines when you write your summary:

a)      Describe the city in which that person lives, including representative characteristics such us government, historical facts, geography, weather, typical food, festivals, famous persons, housing, sports, etc.

b)     Detail the living conditions of the people from the selected city.

c)      Include physical characteristics of some people born there.

d)     Discuss what type of advantages/disadvantages they might have living in this specific context.

e)      Talk about the actual economic, politic, social, and cultural problems that exist in the society in which this person lives.

4.       If you have finished, please, check your writing to see that your paper has correct spelling and uses proper grammar. Then, cite the resources that you have used at the end of your paper. Do not forget to use APA.

5.       Now, it is the moment to work as a collaborative group. You should check the summary. Everybody have to exchange the summaries and discuss you have found (feedback).  All the participants must know the information of their classmates. After that all of you will have to choose one from the four cities including in the researching.

6.       Once you are finished doing your research and writing your two page summary, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to put together your final presentation. For that reason each of you are going to create a "Knowing a person and his/her culture" Television Show!

This is how your television show will be worked:

a.       Everybody is going to take what you have learned through your research in order to help you "become" your person for your presentation.

b.       You are going to make up a fictional name for yourself, and you are going to be the persons who all of you have chosen.  You are going to "live" in the specific city where they are situated.  For instance, you could be a person from Alelaide with the name "Johnny Williams" or a worker from Makati named "Edith Samoa".  Whatever identity you chose to assume is fine.

c.       After you have determined your identity, it is time to assume your role.  You are going to create your own "A person and his culture" television show.  Basically, all of you are going to do an interview.  And in doing so, you will show to your television audience how your life and your context is like! It should be presented through a video, and a presentation in the classroom.

d.       All the things you should think about including in your show are detailed in number 3 of the part called “process”. 

Now, these are just suggestions of what you can talk about, so by no means is this all you can discuss.  Basically anything you want to include so that you can tell about your life and your culture.  Remember, you are talking as if you are your person.

On this funny task everybody have a specific role:

a)     Interviewer

b)     Two persons from the place chosen

c)      Person who film

When you give your interview, remember that you are your person! That means, dress up like them, act like them, talk like them - do whatever you can to be them!  We are looking for creativity!!!

Now, remember, you will be showing and doing your presentation in class.  Once you think you are ready to go, talk with your teacher.  She/he will set up a presentation date for you.  Also, if you have any questions, make sure to ask her!

Before all of you film the television show, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

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