Writing adventure.



You and your partners are going to rewrite the tale from the point of view of the witch depending on the task you choosed previusly A or B. The task is going to be developed by groups of only three students, and every student has a different role on the writing process.

  • The researcher:  your work is to provide all the information the writer is going to use to start to write; so you must read information about witches, watch videos and look for any kind of information related to the tale. To accomplish this, you can use the resources attached on the title link, the facts link and any other reliable information you find on the web.
  • The writer: you are going to collect all the information from the researcher in order to start to write drafts that you are going to share with the researcher and the editor with the aim of receiving suggestions.  
  • The editor: your job is very important, because you are going to be the one who recommends the writer what information is useful or not for the project; also you are the one in charge to correct the orthography of the text in every phase of it, so have to start to study everything related to orthography.
NOTE: The process link contains the description of both tasks.

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