Once upon a time in Medellin



         WEEK 1

  Build your working group.

 Distribute the roles of cameraman, host, and director.

 Make a list of possible places that would like to visit. There should be at least two. Makes a short review of each of them. You should seeking information on the Internet before visiting.

 Think about the resources that you may use for the documentary, such as the video camera and others that you need. Plan the logistics and budget for the documentary.

For this activity you can use the next resources:

Number 1, 2,3,4

         WEEK 2

 During this week, you should visit the selected locations and collect all possible information about them.

 Remember that documentaries should also have interviews; during this visit try to find people that can give you information about these places and that you can interview.

 In many of these places there are guides who can speak English and probably will be ready to help you. If you cannot find them, conduct the interview in Spanish, but remember that this should appear with a translation in the documentary.

         WEEK 3

 The group will meet and select the information that seems useful for the documentary.

 Create a script for the interview with possible questions.

 Creates a script for the documentary. Remember that the host is an important part of this process.

 This script will make it easier to finish the documentary. As a group, you must decide what information and places you will include in the documentary, and which points of view you want  to show to the public.

For this activity you can use the next resources:

Number: 5, 6, 7

         WEEK 4

 Now return to the places that you chose and investigated, and have fun with your teammates shooting your documentary.

after completing the recording of your documentary you should perform an editing process, to ensure that all information is there if this is useful and well presented to be displayed to the public

At the end of every week of work, each group should meet with the teacher to review the proces. (During each work week, the teacher advise his students, will resolve doubts, review the  progress made ​​and will make corrections if it is necessary.)

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