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Interviews of Famous People

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Process Process

1. Select your famous person from below and begin the research process and answering questions. Make sure    your answers are in complete sentences and cite where you found your answers.
                                1. What is your name?
                                2. When and where were you born?
                                3. Where did you grow up? Any information about your family or childhood.

                                4. What did you do to become famous?

                                5. How have you changed our lives?

2. After you have finished answering the questions on your paper, open the Word document (at the bottom of this page) and type your answers in the word document.

3. When everyone is finished, you will be paired together. You and your partner will practice pretending to be a newscaster and the famous person. The newscaster will ask the questions and the famous person will answer.

4. When you both are ready, grab the Flip Camera and interview each other. Remember you are suppose to be the famous person, so you may need to dress in costume.

5. After the interview, you will need to upload it on the computer and save it in our classes folder.
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