Howard Gardner Web Quest



Step One:

You will take the following M.I. test to identify their personal M.I.
Multiple Intelligence Quiz#3
Multiple Intelligence Quiz #2

Step Two:
You will write down your top 3 learning styles. This list should be hand written and clear, it will be turned in to me.

Step Three:
You should visit the following websites and research your top multiple intelligences, writing a short summary of what each is. (This should be included in the final paper.) You should also watch both of the videos in full length.

Step Four
You will visit the following websites and collect info on Howard Gardner, his birth, education, personal life and professional life. This should be compiled into a 2 paragraph paper.

Howard Gardner Bio #1
Howard Gardner Bio #2

Step Five
You should create a learning plan. This plan will include:
  • Your top three learning styles (With detailed description of styles)
  • Four study skills you can use at home to be effective studiers. This must be detailed and supported.
  • Five steps you should follow every time they are given new material in class, this should be related to their learning styles. (EX: Read while walking on treadmill, bodily -kinesthetic). This must be detailed and supported.
This plan can be presented in any form that you chooses; paper, video, power point, creative project, verbal presentation, other forms must be teacher approved.

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