The Great Barrier Reef

What You Need To Do


  1. Remember back to the Youtube clip on the "Introduction" page. Watch this video again if you need to. Make a list of things you now know, or already knew about the Great Barrier Reef.  This list will be important to use later, so make sure you put it somewhere special.
  2. Click on the link "Great Barrier Reef Website" in the Resources list. On this website there is a lot of important information that you can read to learn about the Great Barrier Reef and its threats. Using your own words, Make a Fact Sheet using the following headings: "Location", "Temperature", "What caused the Great Barrier Reef",  "Habitat for ...", "Threats" and "Other Interesting Facts". 
  3. Experiment time.  Find a partner. Get two cups, a thermometer and two tablespoons of salt. Find out the average water temperature of the Great Barrier Reef (this is in one of the links below). Put one tablespoon of salt in each cup. Try and make sure one of the cups is at the same temperature as the Great Barrier Reef's water. See what happens to the salt when it is in warmer water. Write down what you and your partner thought would happen and what did happen (on the bottom of your fact-sheet).
  4. Reporting time. Using what you have learned during the previous tasks, you now have to create a Power Point Presentation or Report to give to  the Prime Minister explaining what is happening to the Great Barrier Reef, why it is happening, and how to fix it. You also have to decide whether having tourists swimming in the reef is a good or bad thing for Queensland. 

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