Great British Food



  •  You have 3 weeks for completing the task.
  • You should divide yourself in four plain groups. Every group should chose their leader. He will be in charge of your group and he will accept the final version of your exercise. It will be suitable if he will consult your job with the teacher.
  • The others will be searching through the internet for information, pictures, photos and notes about British food and most popular restaurants and cafes in London
  • Books, newspapers, etc. , are also good sources and you should use it too.
  • When you will be creating 3 day Menu, you should remember about every family member  requirements. Also think about places ( restaurants, clubs, cafes) where you can go and spend time during they 3 day visit. Enclose nice description (with photos)  of those places.
  • Remember about good artwork of your menu. Add lot of pictures, photos, descriptions, and videos. It will make your work more interesting and help to attract attention.

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