Let's Save the Oceans!



What to Do for this WebQuest:

1.) Begin by watching the Ocean video on the Introduction Page of this WebQuest.

2.) Research the oceans of the world and the plants and animals that live there.

3.) Learn about the importance of clean oceans.

4.) Learn about the critical issues that threaten oceans and ocean wildlife.

5.) Create an outline of the information you wish to include in your Animoto video.

5.) Gather images of the ocean and ocean wildlife and plant life using Google.

6.) Log onto Animoto.com.

7.) Choose an Animoto Style.

8.) Upload all of your images and choose what order you would like them in.

9.) Add text to your video.

10.) Choose music to play in the background of your video.

11.) Publish your video and get ready to show it to the class!

P.S. You may use the sample video I created as a guide and example of what an Animoto video looks like.

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