Diving for Decimals!



Your mission is to complete a task at each of the following undersea stations.  If you need help completing a dive at an undersea station, you may come to the surface (raise your hand and take off your headphones), and wait for the dive coordinator (Ms. Love) to assist you.  After you complete each station you must surface so you can have the dive coordinator check your work before you can move on. Now grab your equipment (paper and pencil) and get in the water!


Undersea Station 1:

As you dive deeper into the water, you notice a school of fish doing something strange.  They seem to be playing a game.  After watching for a moment, you discover they are playing football.  After a quick laugh you decide to swim on, but everywhere you turn you are surrounded by the playing fish.  Finally you realize that they will not let you pass until you kick some field goals.  Boy, is this going to be hard underwater!  Click the link below to start kicking!


To pass, you must score 9 points.


Undersea Station 2:

 After some spectacular fish-ball moves, you are allowed to pass, and invited to come back to play again sometime.  The game highlights are playing through your mind, and you almost don't notice the mermaid crying on a rock just in front of you.  You ask her whats wrong and she tells you that her village is being attacked by decimal monsters.  She tells you that if you can help rid her village of the monsters, she will help you on your quest.  Go attack those monsters! You must score 200 points to vanquish the monsters!



Undersea Station 3:

The mermaid thanked you for all of your help, and told you about another explorer who was nearing the sunken ship.  To repay you for all your help she will throw this explorer off the correct path to give you more time.  You thank her and hurry on.  You see the looming shadow of the ship ahead.  You hear loud pounding noises, but think it is just your excited heart beat.  As you get nearer you realize that its not your heart, but a fleet of pirate ships heading straight for your dive team's ship.  With horror you realize they are going to attack your ship so they can claim the treasure.  You didn't come this far for nothing, so you swim to your ship and start helping to fight the pirates. Make it to level 5, and the treasure is yours!



Congratulations, you defeated the pirates and found the ship! See your dive coordinator for your prize.

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