What is your favourite element?



Here is some information and helpful links to get you on your way!

1) In groups you are to show the class your element and why it's special.

This part of the project is to be done in groups and the end result will be a short presentation. You can make a chart, you can make a presentation on the computer or interactive whiteboard or you can act it out. You can be as creative as you like and try to make it as interesting as possible!

With this presentation I also want an individual piece of work from you all and this will be handed in on the date stated in class.
2) Watch the video and then fill in the worksheet given

3) Print out the homework sheet and fill in it also

To give you some help at the bottom of this page are some links which have the information you need. Don't worry if some sites have more information that you need just ignore it and use what you need

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