Hester Prynne's Community (Chad Behanna)



1- Select a role to assume for the duration of this activity. You can take the role of a minister, a legal expert, or a housewife in Puritanic society.

2- Search the internet for information on your role and Puritanic society in general. Remember to focus on your role, searching phrases such as 'religion in Puritanic society', 'Puritan law', and 'Puritan household'.

3- Use the information that you gather to write your role's opinion on the trial of Hester Prynne in a journal format. Use at least 5 references to your research.

4- As a group with others in the same role, put together a presentation about your role's view and ideas about Prynne and her punishment.

5- Your group will share your presentation with the class.

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