The Renaissance (Chris Bollow)


1.  Watch the PBS documentary, "Power vs. Truth."

  • You will need to set aside about an hour for this, but it is a well made documentary that you should enjoy.  Pop some corn and enjoy but be ready to write down things you see as important, or write down the time of the video where something of note occurs.
  • After you watch write down some major things about the Medici family you see as significant.
2.  Read the article about Humanism, "Humanism and the Renaissance."

  • It's a short article so it should only take a few minutes.   Write down what you think the major things are about humanism.
  • Feel free to share how you feel about the philosophy when you write your paper.
3. Go to the "History of the Renaissance" website. 
  • On the left side you will see a list of artists from that time period.  Read about a few of them and look at pictures of their art.
  • Decide on one to focus on, and write about him in the paper.

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