United States Presidents: A WebQuest



Welcome Fifth Grade! You are our newest group of investigative reporters at CNN. Complete the following steps in order to create your power point of a United States President.

  1. Go to The Presidents of the United States and choose a president to investigate.                                                                                                        
  2. Open up your personal folder in Stufiles and open the US President powerpoint template.
  3. On slide 1 include your president's name and a picture of your president. In the second text box write your name, your teacher's name and the date.
  4. For slide 2, use the information from The Presidents of the United States to complete. In the top text box, write your president's nickname and the term/s they served. In the bottom text box include when they were born, when they died, former occupation, political party and their presidential salary. Somewhere on the slide include a picture of the presidential seal found at The Presidents of the United States Enchanted Learning.
  5. Slide 3 is where you will include some secrets and little known facts about your president. Go to PBS Kids: Presidents: The Secret History. Write your president's secret in the left text box. In the right text box you will bullet some interesting facts from American Presidents Life Portraits. Choose your president's name from the drop down box at the top of the web page then look for heading titled, Did You Know. Select as many facts from there as you'd like. Copy and paste the portrait of your president somewhere on slide 3.
  6. For slide 4, begin by going to Images of American Political History. Select at least one image relating to your president to copy and paste.  Import a text box to label your image.  Next, go to American President An Online Reference Source. When you open the link to your president, you will pick one of his speeches to hyperlink onto slide 4.  Then go to American Presidents Life Portraits and create a hyperlink to a letter that the president wrote.  Also on this slide include a copy of your president's signature from Presidents of the United States.  Finally, include a quote from your president from American President An Online Reference Source.
  7. Slide 5 is where you can let your investigative skills and creativity take over.  Create this slide to include information about anything that you've found out about your president that you think is newsworthy and hasn't been presented yet.  Use any of the above links as reference sources.
  8. Congratulations!!  You have done some hard work and important research!  You may now go through your powerpoint and make the following changes and/or additions: *choose a template design; * choose animation; * import word art; * add additional hyperlinks to any of the slides


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