Life During the Great Depression



You will first answer the questions for each of the activities listed below. Then you will take the answers to your questions and turn them into a short essay. Print out the WebQuest worksheet before beginning this assignment. 

1. Use these resources to answer the questions on the worksheet about the Great Depression:  The Stock Market Crash | The Works Progress Administration | The WPA

Next you will research how families were effected by the Great Depression. Go to this website and read the letters sent to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt: Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

Then you will read about children and their lives during the depression: Digital History

2. Next you will turn your answers on the worksheet into a short essay. It should consist of about three paragraphs. 

In the first paragraph you should explain the economic conditions and causes of The Great Depression. You should also explain what happened to banks in this paragraph.

The second paragraph should consist of what the New Deal provided to Americans and what kinds of jobs that people obtained through the WPA. 

The third paragraph should focus on family life and how difficult it was for people to make a decent living during the Great Depression. You should also discuss the lives of children in this paragraph. 


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    Description: This is the worksheet you will complete before writing your essay.

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