I'm going to bite you....



Now to give a specific action plan to figure out the problem of a biting child. Aour first plan is to use a time chart. Our "special" toddler name is going to Jenny. In Attachment 1, there is a time table chart that shows a great example of guessing the child's reason for bitting.


Usually, when a child bites only once they are automatically named "the biter". The time chart are in multiplies of ten. This gives a tighter time schedule so that there is a more accurate account of the day. The child, Jenny, only bit twice in a two hour span. The cuase of the bites seem to be when there are group activities. This indicated that she wants attention. Throughout the morning, Jenny seems to be fitting in well with the other children. But when the teacher had to divide her attention, she probably did not pay attention to Jenny as much as Jenny craved, so she bit another child to garner that attention.


As stated before, giving the child a tole to play while in group activity, like taking names of the talkers, will give Jenny an adequate role to fufill her want of attention.


Though, every child does not have the same problem, the time table is a very good way of finding out why the child is biting.


Also since there is to be an ongoing research into childhood biting, the University of Illnois has published a web site expanding on many of the questinable factors of child biting. Their link and page is: http://ceep.crc.uiuc.edu/poptopics/biting.html



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