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Please read through the assignments before beginning the novel, so you know what to watch for, and what is expected of you.  Typed assignments are preferred, but handwritten (neat) will be accepted.  Please organize your paper so it is easy to follow, and each section is clearly marked.  See Sample Reading Assignment Paper in Teacher Page if you need an example to work from.

When you return to school, there will be additional activities and assessments for which you will be responsible.  Your teacher will let you know when you return what those classroom assignments will be.

 This assignment is 20% of your third quarter grade.

I.       Proper heading with your name, date, and novel title.

II.      Character Descriptions: Choose three characters in your novel.  For each character list four words which describe the character distinctly. This is a good time to think about vivid vocabulary words and to check the dictionary and thesaurus for ideas.  If you use a particular word to describe one character, you may not use that same word to describe another character.  Please steer clear of general words like nice or mean or crazy.

III.   Key Passage:  Choose the most important passage in the novel (in your opinion).  Type it up word-for-word and make sure to identify the speaker(s).

IV.  Key Passage Explanation:  In a fully-developed paragraph, explain why your chosen passage is important to understanding the novel. In your explanation, make sure you integrate quotes (actual words or phrases) from the key passage to strengthen your explanation.  Often, this selected passage will offer clues to the novelís themes.  Explain any mentioned or inferred themes connected to the key passage.

V.    Author Letter:  Using your own resources (Internet, inside or back cover of the book, local library) read about the author of your book. Then, write a letter to the author.  Your letter should demonstrate knowledge of the author through your comments and questions.  Explain to the author what you liked about the book Ė be specific.  Next, explain what you did not like about the book, or what you didnít understand.  Finally, tell the author what you would like to see changed in the book, or give ideas for a sequel.  Be sure to sign your name.

VI.    Discussion/Essay Questions:  Write three questions that a teacher might ask you about the novel or play either in class or for an essay.  These questions should be thought-provoking and almost always take more than one line to type because they ask readers to combine more than one idea.   Just writing these types of questions helps you to anticipate what questions might be asked of you in class discussion or on a test and encourages you to think more insightfully about the book.  


Cheating: It is important to realize that summer reading is an individual assignment. Any form of cheating during the completion of this project is not acceptable.  All work that appears to be copied, borrowed, or plagiarized will be given a ZERO, and the cheater will receive a referral.  Lending your work to a classmate is considered cheated, as well, and both students will receive a zero.

What is Plagiarism?:

 If you copy, translate, or paraphrase materials from websites, the library, or other sources in your assignment without giving full and proper credit to the author, you are plagiarizing.  Whenever you use the words or ideas of others, it is academic practice to identify your sources.  Merely mentioning an authorís name during your writing or changing some words of someone elseís work here and there does not mean you are free to copy someone elseís effort.  As a matter of fact, this is considered illegal and cause for suspension or expulsion from most universities or colleges.

 If you find yourself in doubt about using quotations or the use of websites, books, magazines, or other sources, simply donít do it.  Take pride in completing your own work!

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