The Human Skeletal System


    1.  Students will be asked to "feel" the bones in their bodies and draw what they think the skeletal system looks like.
    2. Students will be asked to   compare and discuss their drawings.
    3. The studentswill be asked to   pantomime what they think they would look like if there were no bones in their body.
    4. Skin Tents: In groups, the students will be asked to say what would happen if they are given the task to make a tent from the bedsheet. All group members must fit underneath the "tent." At first, no other materials besides the blanket may assist the group. After a couple of tries, the groups are allowed to use support items such as chart stands, chairs, tables, etc.
    5. The teacher leads a discussion and makes a list of why humans have bones (to hold us up and protect our insides). Relate this to the supports needed to make the tent.
    6. Students will watch a videpresentation on the parts and functions of theskeletal system.
    7. The students will be asked to  write a thank you note to their skeletal systems in which the purposes of the skeletal system must be described.
    9. Each student will be asked to   picks a "bone" out of a bag. The student places the bone on an outline of the skeletal system. As students are placing the bones on the body, the class discusses what bone they think it is and compare/contrast the bones throughout the activity.
    10. Studentswill be asked to do a Bone worksheet--discuss the names and functions of the different bones.
    11. In groups, the students are given a moveable skeleton. The groups practice being tour guides and giving tours through the skeletal system. As groups are giving their tours, they must name and discuss the bones in the skeletal system. After the groups have practiced their tours, they perform them for the class. (Model a tour before the groups start practicing.)
    12. Make a skeleton out of macaroni and spaghetti noodles. The students must label at least ten "bones". (Show the students an example before they create their own skeletons

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