This webquest gives you access to information about hurricanes and their affects on our world.  Review the websites and videos in order to gain knowledge about origin, strength, and loss prevention of these huge storms.  After reviewing all of the information, answer the 10 question quiz below:

Once a passing grade has been received on the quiz, write a 4-5 page paper covering the questions and points on the quiz.

1.  True or False    Hurricanes started happening in the last 100 years.

2.  True or False    Ninety percent of all hurricane deaths result from wind damage.

3.  The hurricane season for the United States begins in what month?  A. August  B. June  C. April  D. December

4.  True or False    Hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin spin counter-clockwise.

5.  The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale was created to determine   A. Wind Velocity  B. Destructive Power  C. Wave height  D. Point of Impact

6.  True or False   A category 3 Hurricane is not strong enough to damage large buildings.

7.  A hurricane begins as  A. Tropical Storm  B. Tropical Depression  C.  Thunderstorm  D. Tornados in the Atlantic

8.  List at least three things to do before a hurricane in order to prevent or minimize property damage.  1.                                             2.                                               3.

9.  True or False   Shatterproof windows will always withstand hurricane storm winds.

10.  A storm surge from hurricanes can be as high as     A. 2 feet   B. 5 feet   C. 20 feet   D.  50 feet


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