Thomas Paine and Common Sense


1.  First you will have to decide whether you support the Patriot cause or the Loyalist cause.

2. Once you have determined which side that you represent, it is time to research the causes of the American Revolution and learn about Thomas Paine and "Common Sense". Use your notes from class, the textbook as well as the following helpful links.










3.  You must select 3 causes of the American Revolution, develop them into a well written paragraph, and have them checked by the teacher. 

4. Next you will locate some clip art, illustrations or graphics to add to your brochure.

5.Once you have selected your cause, completed your research, written about 3 causes, and found your artwork, it is now time to create your pamphlet. Use Microsoft Word  or Publisher to accomplish this (they have templates).

Your pamphlet must include the following:
·        A title page with a catchy slogan and artwork
·        An introduction that explains your point of view   and why you feel that way.
·        3 causes of the war (these would be the reasons you want people to join your cause) that are explained in a paragraph. Each of these causes will have its own page in the tri-fold pamphlet. Each paragraph should include a different propaganda technique, and have appropriate artwork that enhances your cause.
·        A back page that has your name and a brief conclusion (please include what will happen if people do not join your side)
5. Once your pamphlet is complete, and approved by the teacher, you will make a brief presentation to the class to try and persuade them to join your cause.


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