You do not have to brush all of your teeth, only the teeth you want to keep!



Students will be engaged by a combination of methods: lecture, video, reading a book, question and answer session, discussion, and role-playing.

1. Tooth Anatomy – The crown, roots, enamel, dentin, and pulp are explained in the attached visual chart.

2. Baby Teeth – Show the video Arthur’s Tooth, or read one of the Loose Tooth books - the Tooth Fairy by Marc Brown, or Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth by Lucy Bate.  Ask children “When do kids begin to lose their baby teeth?  Do you think kids who have lost some baby teeth are more grown up than kids who have not lost a tooth yet?”  Encourage kids to illustrate and write or dictate stories about losing a tooth.
Also, use the attached chart to further illustrate the order children lose their teeth and how many teeth they have.

How many teeth do you have? Have children wash their hands and count their own teeth.  Provide mirrors, if possible.  Have children enter the information on a graph.

When I went to the dentist... Ask children to recall things that happened when they went to the dentist.  Write each detail on a sentence strip.  With the children, arrange the sentences in a logical sequence.  Have groups of children role-play a visit to the dentist. 

3.  How cavities are formed... Use attached chart to explain the process.

4.  Clean, healthy teeth - Visit the attached file for proper brushing techniques.

5.  Food Pyramid - Students will be engaged in a discussion about foods.  The basic food groups will be briefly explained: grains, vegetables, fruit, oils, dairy, meat and beans.  The words healthy and unhealthy will be written on the chalkboard.  The students will be shown pictures of different foods to identify which ones are healthy or unhealthy.

In addition, various games can be played to enhance the learning process at http://dairycouncilofca.org/Tools/MyPyramid/.

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