Apartheid in South Africa: What was life like?



In order to complete this webquest, follow these steps:


Step 1: Research apartheid laws using the links provided. Be sure to type in the correct search terms as specified for some websites (see RESOURCES section below).


Step 2: As you research the laws, fill out the research worksheet with the requested information. You will turn this in with your letter.


Step 3: Read stories from the apartheid on the link provided (see RESOURCES section below). Take notes on the research worksheet about the types of information the author included in his/her story. This will help you to determine how to organize your letter. ***DO NOT copy these stories and make them your letter. THIS IS PLAGIARISM! You will receive a zero for the assignment if you do this.


Step 4: Write your letter. Use the description in the “Task” section, as well as the rubric provided in the “Process" section of this webquest.



RESOURCES: use these links to complete your research.


***Apartheid Laws***




***Apartheid First-hand Stories***

***Use the below link to find the first-hand stories from the Apartheid

  1. http://www3.northstar.k12.ak.us/schools/nph/twt/apart/frame.htm


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    Description: Rubric for letter

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