Are you suffering from Affluenza?

Discussion topics - ideas


Finally, we're going to create a mindmap ready for our Speaking Part 4 discussions. 

  1. If you don't know what a mindmap is, go to Google Images and type 'mind map'.
  2. We're going to use a browser-based mindmapping tool called mind42. If you've never used it, watch the 3-minute video to find out what to do. (You can ask me for help too!)
  3. Go to the mind map - the link should be in your email. If you can't find it, check your spam. There are six prompts:
  • There is no cure for affluenza.
  • People in our society are defined by what they earn.
  • Nowadays people are ruled by superficial values.
  • People today have an unhealthy interest in the lives of celebrities.
  • People buy things to make themselves feel happier.
  • Being affluent makes people unhappy.
Choose one or two prompts to focus on. Try to think of 2 ideas in agreement with and 2 ideas against each point. Can you add to the ideas which are already there? Tell the rest of the class which ones you've chosen so that we can work together and be more efficient :)
Add your ideas using the internet to help you out. You can use whichever sources you like.


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