Valentine's Day



1. Set your group of 4-5 members.

2. Each group is going to access the websites and find the information about Valentine's Day by using web search engine such as www.google.com and www.yahoo.com. I also attached the example website in this WebQuest (the link is below). You all have to access the entire website that I give it to you.

The information that each group needs to know are...
    -What is Valentine's Day?
    -Where did Valentine's Day come from?
    -What is celebrated on Valentine's Day?
    -Why is it celebrated on this day?
    -Who is St. Valentine?
    -Why Is Cupid Related to Valentine's Day?
    -What are the items to exchange during Valentine's Day?
    - What do the different colors of roses signify?
    -What symbols are associated with Valentine's Day?
You can also add any extra information about Valentine's Day that you think it's interesting or it’s important in your group’s mini book.

3. Summarize your Valentine's Day informations. (Beware about your grammar!)

4. Add your summarize information in your Valentine's Day Mini Book.

      -Your mini book size is 10cm.x14cm. It should have at least 20 pages length and not over 30 pages.

5. Add the link source in the last page of your mini book.

6. Decorate your mini book as you like.

7. After you finished your group mini book, write your own opinion about “What is the most you like about Valentine's Day? and Why you like it?” in Microsoft Office Word. It should last only 1 page length. Submit it via my e-mail at paradize.wow@gmail.com before the next period.

7. Present your Valentine's Day Mini Book in class.

8. Choose one mini book your group like most and post your comment according to the following questions;
      -Identify at least 5 reasons in complete sentences why you love that mini book.
      -Identify your name, class, and number after your comment(s). 
      -The group's Valentine's Mini
Book with the highest comments will get the special prize  from the teacher.

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