Just Another Day! 

You just got home from school and you must be back at school in a hour and a half for sports practice.  You quickly go to the freezer and find a TV dinner.  You pop the dinner into the microwave while you pour yourself a root beer and grab a chocolate bar to snack on while you wait for your dinner to cook.  You go to stand in front of the air conditioner to cool off.  This sounds like a typical after school day right?  Now image what your day would be like if there were no gasoline engines, vulcanized rubber, frozen food, root beer, chocolate bar or air conditioner. Thanks to inventors during the industrial revolution you are able to enjoy all the convenience of modern day life.   

Great minds have great ideas!  Some great minds during the industrial revolution turned their ideas into great products.  These products make our every day lives  easier.  To take an idea and turn it into an invention or product took tremendous effort. We will study some of the inventions and inventors of the Industrial Revolution. 

You will research an inventor from the late 1800's to early 1900's.  You will research their invention and the impact the invention has on life today.  You will prepare power point presentation or lab notebook booklet on the inventor and their invention.   

This is an individual project

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