American Literature - What You Never Knew!



To begin, go to resource #8 below and print two copies of the questions/activities for this web quest.

Now you may begin! Here are some activities and questions you and your partner will be questing to find on the resource websites below. You may have to search for the answers, but keep trying! Record your answers, in complete sentences, on the hard copy of these questions.

1. Edgar Allan Poe had a very strange relationship with one of his relatives. Who was that relative and what was so strange about their relationship?

2. Name one book, poem or short story by Edgar Allan Poe
Bonus: In which famous Poe poem does he refer to that relative? Hint: You will have to search this out on another site.

3. What fact about Edith Wharton's life seems very odd considering she wrote several books and poems?

4. Name one book or short story written by Edith Wharton.

5. Select one of the quotes by Harriet Beecher Stowe on the website listed, copy the quote, and explain what it means.

6. Name one book or essay that Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote.

7. We already know from earlier that Samuel Clemens' pen name is Mark Twain, but that isn't his only pen name! What other name did Samuel Clemens write under and what kind of writing did he do as this author?

8. Read and select two more interesting facts about Mark Twain. Write them on the handout and explain why you chose those two facts.

9. What is one book or article written by Mark Twain?

10. Although known for his famous poetry, Langston Hughes was also instrumental in the founding of what movement that promoted creative African Americans?

11. Name one poem by Langston Hughes. 

12. Which famous Civil War soldier was Robert Frost was named after?

13. Select one poem by Robert Frost. Write the title, explain what the poem is about, and give an example of one poetic device he uses.

14. Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers of America, but he was also a prolific writer. Name one text he wrote.

15. When he was President of the United States, what unusual clothing did he sometimes wear when he greeted guests?

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