Vitamins and Minerals



In this part of the WebQuest, as a student you will be guided through the steps to understand and identify all about the vitamins, calcium and iron

The WebQuest is divided into parts, as follows;

  1. Part 1- Vitamins 
  2. Part 2 - Calcium and Iron 
  3. Part 3 - Conclusion


Part 1 - Vitamins

Step 1

  • With the help of this video below - you will gain all the information, knowledge and  understanding about Vitamins. 
  • Watch the video and pay close attention. 

Step 2 

  • After having watched the video and links above follow step 3 & 4 - Come back here and answer the questions on the padlet, right click through the link here https://padlet.com/marthabuhagiar17/divpox7x3u2dkyul 
  • On the padlet you will have to answer the tasks (the yellow boxes only)  individually.
  • You can always come back to the Webquest to go through the links again. 

Step 3

Step 4

Get to know the Antioxidants, go  through this video down below. 

Remember ! Vitamin A has two forms - Retinol and Provitamin A carotenoids (Beta- Carotene). 

Group Task 1

  • In groups discuss what you read and continue to the task below. (These groups were discussed together previously in class). 
  • Each group will be assigned 3 vitamins - in which you will have to create an infographic on the vitamins.
  • In the infographic include: the vitamin, the type, the sources and the function.
  • You can use this website to create the infographic, https://www.canva.com/  or you can use paper/ word document/ publisher.
  • Later when we meet in class, you would have to present and explain your Infographic. 

For those who cannot recall their Group, have a look at the table below

Student's Name and Group NameVitamins Assigned 
Student 1 and Student 2/ Group AlphaVitamin B1, B2 and K
Student 3 and Student 4 / Group BetaVitamin A, B5 and C            

Step 5 - Deficiencies 

  • Watch this videos and find out more about the Vitamin deficiencies


These links will further help you understand  

  • It is important to remember that Vitamins have different roles,  they can be obtained from different sources, they have various functions, and if they are not consumed, our body will be deficient from that micronutrient.

 Group Task 2

  • In groups of 4 create a diagram/table with all the information required on all the vitamins. 
  • The diagram should consist of  the function, the source and deficiency. 
  • This template will help you develop the diagram/chart.
  • However, I would like you to use pictures or drawings to illustrate the sources.
  • Research all the information required from the links provided and work together. 
  • The diagram will be shared with your classmates and you will compare each of you work, by adding comments and feedback.
  • You can use the excel sheet, or google sheets, or https://infogram.com/app/#/library  or an A2 cardboard chart, to create the diagram/chart/table.

The diagram will be shared with your classmates in class.

Step 6 - Roles with minerals

Go through the link and understand the role between these vitamins with the mineral. 

 Task 3

Example: Vitamin D is found in milk, and Calcium is found in yogurt, as breakfast we can have a healthy smoothie with fruit, milk, yogurt. 

Part 2 - Calcium and Iron 

In this part of the WebQuest as a task, I would like for you to prepare a short presentation in groups.  

First watch this as an introduction to Minerals. 

One group will present on Calcium and the other group will present on Iron (the Groups were assigned in class ). 

Group Task 4

  • You can have to present a presentation either through, a PowerPoint slide,  https://www.canva.com/, or https://classflow.com/ or https://ahaslides.com/ . or the google slides. 
  • As you have already worked on the Vitamins, the same method applies to these Minerals.
  • Include the Function, the source and deficiency of the mineral in the PowerPoint which you will present next time in class. 

In addition, here are some links that might help you develop the presentation:

If you have any queries, talk and collaborate together or ask me for guidance.  

Part 3 - Conclusion 

After having finished the tasks, this short quiz will help you recap the important aspects of Vitamins and Minerals (Calcium and Iron). 

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