The Joy's of Landscaping



In creating your landscape you will work individually and you will present a model to the class when you are finished. The first step is design your landscape. Your area that you will be designing  is a  20" by 20" foot section around the new flag pole in front of the school. Your tasks for this WebQuest are as follows. You must use all eight design criteria: gravel, rock, mulch, annuals, perennials, height, size, and textures. 

1. Design a landscape that uses gravel, rock, mulch or all three.

2. Use either annuals, perennials or both. 

3. Your landscape must have variations in height, size, and textures. 

4. The flag pole in font of the school receives no lighting at night so you must incorporate a source of light to enhance your landscape at night.

5. Create a detailed model of your landscape to express your design in a clear manner. 

6.  You will also need to present your model to the class in a minimum of a two minute presentation explaining the process to designing your landscape, what types of rock, mulch, flowers, light, and the way you used variations in the height, size, and textures in your design. Late projects and presentations will result in point deductions for everyday late. 

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