Idioms are Everywhere!



You have five fun-filled tasks to complete PLUS a bonus!!

Here's the bonus:  if you find the meanings to all five extra idioms, you will receive 15 minutes of computer time.  There is one extra idiom (written in bold) under each task.  Write all five idioms and their meanings on a piece of notebook paper and turn it in with the other assignments.

Task 1:  Use Web Resources #1 and #2 to get acquainted with idioms and their meanings. (Recommended games on quia.com are: Concentration, Matching, and Flashcards.)

                "It takes two to tango."

Task 2:  With a partner, read Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish OR  More Parts by Tedd Arnold. See if you can spot the idioms! Print two copies of the worksheet in Resource #3 to list the idioms that you find and write down what you think each one means. You may work on this together, but each person must turn in his/her own worksheet for a grade.

                It will be hard to "keep a straight face" when you read Amelia Bedelia.

Task 3: Click on Web Resource #4 and enter "Eye on Idioms." Print  1 copy of each worksheet (1-7) and staple them together.  Use Web Resources #5 and #6 to discover the idioms and their meanings.  If necessary, you may also consult the Dictionary of Idioms by Marvin Terban.

                Hang in there! Do you see "the light at the end of the tunnel" yet?

Task 4:  Choose your favorite idiom from any of the resources (websites or books). Using white paper and COLORED PENCILS ONLY, draw a picture to represent your idiom. DO NOT WRITE THE IDIOM OR ITS MEANING ON THE PICTURE SIDE. Instead, use a pencil to neatly write the idiom and its meaning on the back of the picture.

                It's time to "pull out all the stops" to get a terrific grade on this project.

Task 5:  Check your assignments against the evaluation rubric before turning them in to make sure you get the highest grade possible.

                 I bet "you're on top of the world" now that you've finished this WebQuest!

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